Class 4 Freemason Kabbalistic religions

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Remember Freemasonry is nothing more than the Kabbalah - the Ancient mysteries of Egypt and Babylon and before!!!!

Pics of  Religions (founders) with roots within Masonry. 
Jehovah witness Charles Russell and part of grave site, Seven Day Adventist -Ellen Whites grave obelisk, Ellen white among the brotherhood, (see both groups affiliation with William Miller Freemason who proclaimed to be a Baptist?? ) Both Brigham Young and Joseph Smith and others.....Jesuit Symbol (too much to cover there at this point)
Pray about it and research with an open heart and with Gods Word to test everything to uncover what is the heart of your religion or church. Jesus is about relationship and truth.......the choice is yours....

Note They Crucified Jesus on the Cross. The Cross as always been an ancient symbol of the God of the Sun (ancient sun). Don't assume when you see a cross that it as anything to do with Jesus our Savior.

For example the Crown and the sword that looks like a cross- this is straight from the Kabbalah... more later..Jesuit order started by Ignatius Loyola who was known to be a kabbalalist Jew  (see pic with Shin hand signs which was a means to express their "true selves(Kabbalistic roots). Shin in hebrew =300 and means fire. This will be explained further in future updates

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