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The Fall: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing! 

WARNING! Do NOT put your faith on ANY one individual BUT ONLY ON CHRIST! FOCUS ON CHRIST ALONE! 
Time and time again history shows that mankind has been fooled. We can no longer be blinded; our humanity depends on it! There are many leaders we had put our faith in NOT knowing the truth! Many go down in history with what the mass media wants you to believe BUT when you do your research you will find that they are not who we thought! Let's take a look at two such men: Billy Graham and Ronald Regan.  Both at one time I felt were Christians, Conservatives, God loving Americans; but were they??? The only way to tell is to reference Christ word and see for yourselves. 
   Both men were Freemasons!  Billy Graham was a 33 Mason and on February 11, 1988, the Grand Master of Washington, D.C. presented President Reagan with a "Certificate of Honor".  There were additional Mason lodges that also gave Reagan an honorary title of Freemason.  Masons are Satanic. You can NOT be a Christian and also a Mason! To be or accept any acknowledgement from the Masons is to accept from Satan.  Research Masons and you will see that they go against Christ in all ways. Unfortunately many are fooled. To become a 33 Mason you must perform a sacrifice to Lucifer. You must have killed someone.  See Below for more on Billy Graham. 
   Don't be deceived! Both of these men were actors.  Billy Graham acted as an Evangelist to Christ but instead he was an evangelist to Satan! Do your research!  Ronald Reagan was a hollywood actor and his biggest role was to play a US President that people put their faith in and to make us feel that the United States is #1 BUT only to find that (if you do your research) most of it was not true. I would hope to believe that Ronald Reagan was for the American people at one time but somehow was compromised BUT that doesn't really matter.  You see because of Ronald Regan, today the American people can NOT sue directly drug manufacturers such as Pfizer. He signed the "National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986" whose purpose was "to ELIMINATE the potential financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims." Under NVICP, the FEDERAL govt has a "no fault" system for compensating vaccine-related injuries or death! It is the American TAX dollars that pay for any injuries caused by these vaccine manufacturers! These companies have been and are getting away with MURDER while the people are suffering and will be taxed to cover for these manufacturers. 
  DON'T BE FOOLED! THIS PANDEMIC WAS PLANNED A LONG TIME AGO!  Billy Graham and Ronald Reagan were just part of the One World Order that Satan is desiring and there are so many more leaders in history that have fooled us! Do your research on All the Royals- Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, all of the Popes, Mother Teresa, Obama (see "the Luciferian World" tab) Clinton,  and so much more!  
What can you do? FOCUS ON CHRIST! Take up the scripture! KNOW the word of God and He will protect you and guide you! Make sure you are reading the right version of the Bible! God's one name is "I AM" if your bible references any other name for I AM then it has been tainted. 
ONLY THRU CHRIST CAN YOU GO TO HEAVEN! There is no other way. WE ARE Living in the times of the Book of Revelations! PLEASE WAKE UP and help others to do so! Good news is GOD already won and we are promised 1000 years of peace BUT there are so many who have been fooled or will be. Help them. FOCUS ON CHRIST and read the word of God. 



John Reinsch

Billy Graham was a 33rd degree Freemason!

THE LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST says, “No man can serve two master”!

He also said, “That you are either for HIM or against HIM!”

Freemasonry is a Luciferian/Satan worshipping Secret Society/Cult!


Back in 1766 Benjamin Franklin a national treasure and U.S. icon traveled to Germany. Switzerland.. Italy and met with the Elites of Europe the old country.... In this trip he was introduced to ADRENOCHROME and how you extract the adrenal gland from the body! 

   > In 1998, a team of renovators working on restoring the former Franklin abode uncovered over 1,200 human bones in the basement of the house of Benjamin Franklin. ( The media controlled by BLACKROCK , Freemasons -whom Benjamin Franklin was a part of 33rd degree illuminati - were quick to cover up the story and blame a friend of Benjamin Franklin , saying was Cadavers study and Franklin didn't know? ) 

     The TRUTH of the story of the legacy of Benjamin Franklin was> he was an ADRENOCHROME DEALER and linked to every U.S. major society in his day and age.

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