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The God of War part 3

The Devil is the god of ruin and destruction.  The pages introduced to you is designed  for one purpose to reveal truth (would be opposite of what you have been taught) and to prevent the Devil from continuing his lies  and the same game plan that leads us to destroy ourselves as a demonic sacrifice. throughout history there is a common theme, a kabbalistic luciferian  design based on lies and deceptions with the end result human lives destroyed the truth hidden and denied to the  masses . Open your eyes!!!!  The past are the roots that nourish the present and history repeats itself. The following pages reveal the true look of WW2. Note the end result, Millions of lives lost, Destruction of the people of Russian, and Germany, the establishment of a one world order the UN, the establishment of the nation of israel, the Establishment of 2 opposing forces controlled by the same that would lead to more death and destruction for years to follow and DEBT owned to the same parties solidifying the deal This is dedicated TO the people who lost their lives there were no bad guys or heroes just victims........Lucifer is the "god"of war see the evil trinity page. the child(horus is the 5 inthe Kabbalah and 5 mars (the Greek god of War)

All Vaccinated:

1) 33-year-old professional dancer Santo Giuliano suffers a heart attack.
2) Soccer player Jalen Leavey dies.
3) Soccer player Tirrell Williams dies.
4) Soccer player Okafor Kelechi dies.
5) Soccer player Lee Moisés dies. 
6) Footballer Stephen Sylvester dies.
7) Footballer Emmanual Antwi dies.
8) Soccer player Cayetano Nsofor dies.
9) Footballer Moira Claire Arney dies.
10) Baseball pitcher Andrew Roseman dies.
11) Footballer Nickolas Lawrinas dies.
12) Soccer player Miquel Lugo dies.
13) Soccer player Devon DuHart dies.
14) Footballer Ivan Hicks dies.
15) Footballer Joe Bradshaw dies.
16) Footballer Drake Geiger dies.
17) Soccer player Joshua Ivory dies.
18) Footballer Quandarius Wilbur dies.
19) Footballer Dimitri McKee dies.
20) Rugby player Dave Hyde dies.
21) Baseball player Yusuke Kinoshita dies.
22) Olympic cyclist Olivia Podmore dies.
23) Sprinter Cameron Burell dies.
24) Gilbert Kwemoi's Chinese Olympic champion dies.
25) Former footballer Franck Berrier dies.
26) Belgian footballer Jente Van Genechten suffers from cardiac arrest.
27) The Venezuelan marathon champion Alexaida Guedez dies.
28) José dos Reis, 29 years old, collapses in the field and has to be resurrected.
29) Diego Ferchaud suffers a cardiac arrest.
30) ASV Baden's Austrian player collapses on the field and has to be revived.
31) 16-year-old soccer player in Bergamo suffers cardiac arrest.
32) 27-year-old Belgian footballer Jens De Smet dies.
33) 13-year-old soccer player suffers a heart attack on the field.
34) Soccer player Dylan Rich dies.
35) Birati Club Münster player suffers cardiac arrest.
36) Abou Ali collapses with cardiac arrest.
37) Ice hockey player Sebastiaan Bos dies.
38) Former NFL pro Parys Haralson dies.
39) Soccer player Francis Perron dies.
40) 19-year-old FC Nantes soccer player suffers cardiac arrest.
41) Germany volleyball coach Traktor Divitz dies.
42) Shrewsbury forward Ryan Bowman treated with defibrillator during the game.
43) Goalkeeper Lukas Bommer dies.
44) Professional footballer Fellipe de Jesus Moreira suffers a double heart attack.
45) Cycling champion Gianni dies.

46) English Helen Byrne with heart problems has to be removed from the field at the World Cup.
47) Germany's team leader Dietmar Gladow dies.
48) German goalkeeper Bruno Stein dies at the age of 15.
49) USA 14-year-old soccer player Ava Azzopardi collapses into a coma.
50) 12-year-old Jayson Kidd dies after collapsing during basketball practice in the US.
51) Robert Lima dies of a heart attack in Uruguay and a few hours later his wife dies.
52) Bodybuilder George Peterson dies.
53) The former champion of Kick Boxing Acero Cali dies.
54) Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden dies.
55) Italian footballer Giuseppe Perrino dies on the field.

Eric Hansson_edited.jpg

Much discernment is needed at this time. This isn’t a war between the good guys and the bad guys, or a righteous cause and an unrighteous cause. I think the global elites are extremely clever and have been immensely successful at creating an event that gets especially the “conservatives” to promote and carry out the globalists’ agenda of depopulating the world, making it easier for them to control with their Fourth Industrial Revolution aspirations. 

These globalists need a distraction from their COVID ploy. People are waking up, so they need to divert their attention. They need to create a new crisis to focus the people on a new fear and on a new enemy so that people don’t focus on them.

Meanwhile the real enemy (the elite) continue to advance their cause. They are protected behind the scenes while the conservatives, the patriots, the nationalists, the ones who say they are opposed to globalism offer their sons up to be canon fodder for the globalists’ agenda to depopulate the planet.

While this war draws the attention of the masses, it gives the elites time to work on the next phase of their project. They need this war to develop on both fronts (Russia and China) and they need it to happen quickly.

When Trudeau makes his hypocritical comment condemning Putin, you have to remember, they are actually on the same team and playing the same game. See, Klaus Schwab’s own statements in the video below (back in 2017). Same is true of Ukraine’s president and China’s Xi.

Don’t get deceived by the narratives created by these globalists. They are exploiting the moral standards of conservatives by saying, look how wicked this guy is, or how many bad things this country has done so that they can get this world war started. Meanwhile, the “bad” guy on this side and the “bad” guy on the other side is one of their own and won’t get hurt at all. It will be all the people who fell for the narrative that will be hurt. They don’t want this to stop with Ukraine and Taiwan so they have to inflame the passions of the masses to get them energized for war. 

So don’t get caught picking sides in this wicked war. We need the whole world to unify against these wicked men who have plotted the massacre of nearly the entire world population

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