The God of War part 3

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The Devil is the god of ruin and destruction.  The pages introduced to you is designed  for one purpose to reveal truth (would be opposite of what you have been taught) and to prevent the Devil from continuing his lies  and the same game plan that leads us to destroy ourselves as a demonic sacrifice. throughout history there is a common theme, a kabbalistic luciferian  design based on lies and deceptions with the end result human lives destroyed the truth hidden and denied to the  masses . Open your eyes!!!!  The past are the roots that nourish the present and history repeats itself. The following pages reveal the true look of WW2. Note the end result, Millions of lives lost, Destruction of the people of Russian, and Germany, the establishment of a one world order the UN, the establishment of the nation of israel, the Establishment of 2 opposing forces controlled by the same that would lead to more death and destruction for years to follow and DEBT owned to the same parties solidifying the deal This is dedicated TO the people who lost their lives there were no bad guys or heroes just victims........Lucifer is the "god"of war see the evil trinity page. the child(horus is the 5 inthe Kabbalah and 5 mars (the Greek god of War)