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Language Class 4 Shin 300 

Language Class 4 SHIN 300

The shin is the 21st (2+1=3 character in hebrew its value= is 300. in the Kaballah it means FIRE/SPIRIT. .It is also presented has a handsign which creates the hebrew character see pics of famous Kabbalist giving the Shin sign. remember Freemasonry is the Kabbalah.  More on Hand signs in future post. shin 300 which =300 (3+0+0=3 see language class post on the number 3. double shin hands=33 and is called a shin blessing, (it creates a triangle up which means fire. see language class on elementals 

pics include Jesuit, mormon, political characters and rosicrucian (means rosey cross(NOT CHRISTIAN. the cross means the sun and the rose magic/sun) its the Kabbalah to simplify. click on some pics for links

Rosicrucian shin image above Heart represents the hebrew is yod hey vav heh or yahweh not Gods name but the serpent. see Gods name class in class section click image for link see images of a crist and mary pointing to heart that is on fire and ringed roses for mary thorn s for the christ  = Ringed Sun note 3 fingers for you would assume  for the trinity see class on number 3, 3 in the Kabballah  Saturn which= the ringed sun (fire Baal) Brothers &sisters in our Savior Jesus the Christ please Open your eyes and do not be decieved  by religion.Jesus Desires a Relationship with Him. It was the Religious that killed HIM.

shin also  =666

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