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The Winged Serpent

See pages of insight into the kabbalah, the name of the serpent pages Class 19 is an introduction to the Serpent of the Bible who is known by many names and worshiped by the fallen. Its primary name is Toth. the   "god of the moon  as known in Khem(ancient Egypt. He is also know as Hermes and Mercury in Alchemy He was worshiped as QUETZALCOATLand  was Horsewhipped BY the INCA AND named AMURACA which is the origin of the name America.(which means land of the plumed Serpent).He is given credit For alchemy, Math and education in general (you were taught something for example. note medical symbol. He is known to have built the great Pyramid (not a tomb) and the sphinx which is a timepiece" )He is considered the scribe of   a want to be "God" (the Devil)He was given different images to describe him ,  the Ibis Bird, the baboon, since the baboon would bark at the moon and he is known as the 'god' of the moon and time.  (moon and Saturn are synonymous with each other as "god's" of time(ie Kronus the Black sun) Thoth Also the Turtle (popular in Islam (note Lah). The turtle due to the number 13. More on future updates hewas also known as agate keeper to the spiritual world(ie the scales even on dollar bill . See images Winged disk is the wings of the Serpent. (The disks generally represent consciousness. Note thoth holding staff which does not touch the ground which means he does not come from  or belong to earth He is also known has the abraxas where the occult magic practice abracadabra comes that word is demonic (see starbucks logo.MUCH MORE ON LOGOS And t their  MEANINGS LATER. Also more on the numeric connections to the serpent.King james put him in the Bible also as the cockatrice. connections  to the Serpent  and understanding Egyptian symbolism. Remember the Kabbalah is the teachings of Egypt and Babylon where the Jews worshiped these luciferian beliefs and maintained and spread throughout the world.  Note Serpent whorship throughout whole worl and in timeNote the phoenix(eagle)which is from alchemy more on that later

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