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Class 7pt3 "Saint" George images

Alchemy Introduction

St George an alchemist storyThis is common in orthodox Religions. An example of how deceptions mask itself in relgious clothing. 

the Greek form Georgius means a ploughman, a cultivator of land = reference to Baal

St. George has also been called Green George—the spirit of spring

Russian proverbs such as “George will bring spring” and “There is no spring without George” are common as they are in other Slavic countries

The dragon always resides in caves, and thus in the earth, the underworld the realm of uncosciousness, and the unconscious see goddess worship page mary in cave. When the dragon leaves his cave he devours virgins. It is our inner emotional dragon that destroys the spark of  virgin consciousness, as when he appears in the conscious, expressing negativity, like envy, jealousy, hate and so on.
The dragon is never satisfied. He ever wants  Consciousness and alertness are enchanted by the dragon. The mythological dragon has the power to enchant, to hypnotize with his voice the brave knight who dared to challenge him. The dragon can also impose riddles in which the knight gets lost.
If we want to save the pureness of consciousness (=the virgin), then the dragon has to be killetherfore pealchemy George the knight is lucifer the earth = unconsciousness and gorge is th earth workerAlao you may see in some versions A KING and queen holing keys= serpents lie l=duality is key

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