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Language class 6  the number 666 PART 2

the number 666 PART 2



lclick for link to Gods True name

A Pentagram has numeric values as other shapes do. a pentagram= 5, 540 and 11 and 15, why will be discussed in future updates. . see political images above note the common use of 3 pentagram sand at times upside down which signifies dark  spirit. 3 pentagrams = 11 11 11= 33 as well as   3 15s  = 1+5=6 so 3 pentagrams = also 666

432 is the radius of the sun 432000 in miles (zeros at end don't count) SEE BELOW 432 added to it mirror which is 234=666 also so that 6x6x6  216 which is  a number for the moon  2160 miles diameter 6+6+6+6=18 which  = the letter R and 18= 9 which is the number for the moon in the kabbalah. therefore the number refers to both the sun and moon for duality see class on the fall. 

stamp of francis bacon a famous rosicrucian involved in the establishment of the american coloies. note colonization scheme 66 and six cents




The ROCK band U2 WHY: U2 ? U=the 21st letter of the alphabet theefore U=21 therefore U2=212. 212 degrees = the boiling temp of water. to make water boil you have to introduce fire!!! as you now know Fire=the Sun which = 666. Now divide 666/212 you get an interesting number 3.14 pi. also

note 21=2+1=3 so 2 U's= 33 note the difference of one state of matter to another is used often in symbolism. 33 degrees for example  water  starts to melts from 32 which it freezes. 

stay tuned for more on  Eye symbolism. for now note Bono is covering his right eye leaving left eye which represents deeds of darkness/moon.also note the hand sign has nothing to do with peace more on hansigns and their true meaning. please people do not do such handsigns s etc that you have no knowledge of their true meaning. 

FOX f=6th letter f=6=15(1+5=6, x=24th letter of alphabet (2+4=6 therfore  FOX=666

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The WASHINGTON MONUMENT IS AN OBELISK. See below link for more on its meaning. the obelisk = the phallus(penis) of the sun. therfore the seeding or bloodline of the sun.The sun = 666 so as you can see the measurements of the monument all relate to that number. Note the height =555' but there is 111'in the ground therfore = 666'.  more on the kabbalah /masonic meaning of 555but for now note Hitler's nazi membership card read #555.  

666 related to physical matter

note 11 11 11=  33

666 Hand Sign "ok"  forms 6 and 3 fingers up for 3 6s666. More on hand signs and meanings later see image triangle fire/sun and eyeSpirit. 

THE CUBE and 666

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the Shin handsign and 666 click on image for link to more on the Shin

click image for link to the Fall 

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