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see See Occult Religious icon NOT JESUS rather its Lucifer. SEE 3 Triangles = 666, Representing the SUN NOT the SON =cycles  of SUN. RISE , ZENITH (highest PT. then Setting See zodiac image below click for link to meaning =the Sun 

the number 666 PART 3

Under Construction

3 triangles = 666, see information on this page for explanation. 

3 black triangles car logo 

First note a single triangle  = 666 due to its  angles are 60 degrees (60=6+0=6

Language class 6  the number 666 PART 3

see image above count each point in same direction has shown and you get a series os nymbers that not only = 666 but also = the value of an satanic sigil called  the saturn sigil. used in kabblah/masonic and wordly sources

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