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Language class 9 the EYE its number & meaning

Class 9 the EYE Its number & meaning 

To understand the eye symbolism first understand how it is created . 


To summarize the eye is demonic and means spirit and a gate to the spiritual realm. its roots go back to ancient egypt (Khem)  and beyond.and has always communicated numerically.  its meaning is demonstrated in its construction. . first in Egypt from the myth of  horus losing his eye in battle with his uncle set which is the setting of the sun Osiris  in darkness. the eye of horus numerically = 1/64 with every part of its construction equally a fraction.which woudrawn during a transaction for example. it also then is coneection to beinng illuminated or conscious awaken. So looking at thepentagram which - the 5 elements fire water earth air and the 5th the spirit. see pic of pillars and freemason pentagram in middle with Gto the fallen lucifer is their guiding spirit which the eye represents. in . the eye is creating or manifested by 4 crcles drawn together, see pics. important to understand it is an eye of the serpent that is created. also see pics besides the serpent eye the saturn sigil is created. a demonic symbol to connect to the dark force of the black sun or Baal. . so the saturn sigil and the serpent eye = 1440 see pic of its construction that number is significant for many reasons  note it is a gateway to the spirit realm. note the saturn sigil slso = 666. 


eye of lucifer.JPG
elements penta.JPG
saturn sigil.JPG
saturn sigil 2.JPG

Rosicrucian pentagram with eye fifth element

eye of horus.JPG
eye of horus measrement.JPG
eye sigil.JPG
tacobell 1.JPG

the Kabbalah

audi 666.JPG
saturn sigil 1.JPG
tacobell 3JPG.JPG
vesica eye.JPG

Note the use of the fish symbol used for Christians is a deception.In ancient times the symbol was used by cults for it represented  that age which was the age of Pisces vesica pesces means fish bladder and reprented femminine live in water which is also represents = female.  rember early Christian knew and understood their meanings because they were pagan before being saved. so many weak ones would try to Christianize a pagan symbols. just like what happens today. 

An occult sacrifice like all wars and false flag operations.9-11  in kabbalist tradition is the first day of the fall of man.. do NOT be deceived its a created cause for a desired effect.through chaos comes order.  


911 2 black cubes 



vesica pisci.JPG

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