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Language class 8 the number 33

Class 8 the number 33


To understand the number 33 it is important to undertand that it is another subject that is very involved.Therefore there may be severalparts for this subject


Most understand 33 is a degree within freemasonry Scottish Rite but Why that number ?. Understand that Freemasonry is the Kabbalah  and Alchemy is a starting point to understand the symbolism. see image for link to alchemy class. briefly in Alchemy there is the lesser work  the moon which has  3 levels then the greater work the sun which also has 3 levels then the final stage  the 7th level or philosopher  stone  therefore 3 3 represents the accomplishment of the lesser work the square, and the greater work the compass makes a circle. 7th level  is one of the reasons for the G in Masonic logo since G  the 7th letter of alphabet: this greater and lesser is a blasphemy again of Gods word.  

Genesis 1:16 

16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.

33 = the solstices. NOTE OCCULT symbolism often refers to duality as it relate to the lie if theSerpent at the fall. see Fall class. duality of black and white or light and dark. for 33 and the solstices first usually starts on 21(2+1=3 , Dec and June that being winter mor dark and summer more light. ALSO during the Solstice. the sun appears to stop for 3 days then moves in the opposite direction. 3 days in summer and 3days in winter  33 making it represent the spring equinox which  equal day and night or the philosophers stone.  also note the word Solstice = means Sol SUN and sisto TO= CEASE (Stop)

click image for link to Alchemy

the hexagram =21 (2+1)=3 see image above 2 hexagrams  33 and 21 note 21 and solstices note image above candidate stands in middle to represent the equinox

bull and goat= bull Taurus= summer and goat=capricorn =winter note sun symbol in middle = equinox

NOTE There is actually 360 degrees in Freemasonry  since it relates to the Kabbalah Note compass makes a circle. Circle symbolizes the sun or light (lucifer The Devil masqueraing as an angel of light.2 Corinthians 11:14 

The KKK, K=11th letter of alphabet therefore = 11 11 11=33 same as bank  of america logo and 3 11's the word klukus as in klukus clan means  Greek name "Kuklos" which means circle, note circle also means sun and spirit a square as you can see this is masonic kabbalah history and nothing to do what race but rather about  luciferians who think they are Gods as believed through the kabballah.  represents the physical world click image above  for link  note the burning cross is a pagan cross= is an ancient symbol of the sun and fire represents the sun  as is also the circle

33 up and down.JPG

3 fingers up and 3 down =33 and star of rephan. 


the language witin geometric shapes more in future post. for now the pentagram = 11 and 15 therefore 3 pentagrams = 11 11 11 and 15 15 15.(15=6 therefor 3 pentagrams = 666 and 33. 

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 33 = 3+3=6 = the Sun in Kabbalah  3x3=9=moon in the Kabballah. therefore again duality achieved or philosophers stone per the fall of man. 

21 labs33 (2).JPG

21=2+1=3 and L=12thletter of alphabet also = 3 therefore = 33 

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