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Language Class 1

Language Class 1

Welcome to the introduction of the language portion of class. This ministry by design is to explain and expose the lanuage of the world/a demonic one. I've reserved this portion of the ministry for the live class or potentially a webcast in future However I felt it necessary to create this section of the website to establish a foundation of understanding. for those interested in more. reach out to me. 

anesoteric look at seven eleven, first know this , the language of this world is hidden in shapes, characters, sounds and even colors. This allows it to be hidden and passed down to any spoken languages throughout history. Within ancient ruins to modern structures and designs. Also note the believe that the purpose is to manifest dark energies for power etc. going deeper into this language you quickly realize its not human. I chose seven eleven to reveal how the mundane objects of our lives are still manipulated by something deeper and not meant for goyim eyes. So the star of rephan IS A HEXAGRAM. SEE CLASS SECTION ON THIS SUBJECT. IT IS THE SYMBOL FOR iSRAEL USED EVEN BACK  IN BIBLICAL TIMEs for Baal worship. A HEXAGram is a hexagon. note "putting a hex on someone". it has several numeric values such as 6,21, 13.... but for this section its value is 720.Also note 720 =Fire (more on that later for those interested. Rephan is Saturn or Baal the black sun . seven eleven=7 and11. 7x720=5040 11x720= 7920 . get ready! 5040 is the total of the radius of the moon1080 and the earth 3960 put together  in MILES! 7920=the diameter of the earth in miles.Now this is directly liked to the great pyramid. contact me if interested in knowing how.  all this from a store logo?well yes and the why is demonic. stay tuned 

What this leads to is a mathematical and philosophical understanding of something called circling the square. note the Freemason logo is a compass which makes a circle and a square which makes a square.  

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