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bacchanalia/St Patricks

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St Patricks day = Bacchanalia Pagan worship of Baccus - the pagan "god" of Wine and fertility... A time of Drunken feast and sexually immorality. Baccus is = to Pan the Horned Goat (Capricorn meaning horned goat ruled by Saturn. Yes Saturn as in Saturnalia dec 24 Winter solace celebration - see previous post. Bacchanalia was a pre spring festival and remains so. Osiris the Evil trilogy god of egypt same as Baal, was drawn in green since he was the god of the harvest and agricultural as well. Osiris = Saturn the pagan god considered the ancient sun of the golden age. The serpent which always is one with this story was part of the celebration. Serpents were part of the festivals and even serpent blood was consumed as well. Serpents and st Patrick were sorry but another falsehood to capture those not aware. St patrick was even said to arrive in Ireland in 432ad. 432 is a significant number in the occult for many reasons. 432 000 miles is the radius of the sun . Also the tone of the universe etc. 432/2 216 (6+6+6=216 , the moon(the serpent was the moon god) is 216 0 miles diameter etc. Also 432 +its mirror of 334= 666See pics of serpents and Baccus, Serpents and Baccus image on icon from Pompeii. and more. Sorry yes another feast that many partake in yet not knowing its true origin and meaning.Per the Legend, Osiris was killed on the 17th day of Athyr, the third month of the ancient calendar. see post for more on St Patricks day

Green, Serpents and a staff. 

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