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It is VERY important to immerse yourself in the word of God and test everything by it. Note see page on Bible

here is a link to an audio Bible that i highly recommend

This website uses a lot of Bible verses. its important to go and read in full context.

Bible Study Tools

Consider using Biblegateway


I read the NIV as well as the KJV. The NIV is just simpler for me to read HOWEVER you do need to be aware that the newer bibles are missing texts and have changed some of the verbiage to trick us into believing the New World order! There are some crucial changes to some of the actual words that can change the meaning. Please be careful and be aware of what you are reading! 


"We believe in the 39 books of the Old Testament because the Lord Jesus Christ affirmed the Old Testament.  Throughout Christ ministry He affirmed the Jewish canon of His day - consistenting of the same content that we have in today's OT in its entirety. "( example: Matthew 5:17-18)
"And we believe in the 27 books of the New Testament because the Lord Jesus Christ authorized His apostles to write the New Testament." (See John 14-16, John 16:12-15, Matthew 28:18-19, Acts 1:8, 2Peter3:19-21 "Every book of the NT was written under apostolic authority-either by an apostle or someone linked to apostolic ministry."
The reason the canon is closed is because there are no longer any apostles in the church today and have not been any since the end of the first century, with the conclusion of the foundation age of the church (Eph 2:20)" 


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